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Sputnik Sweetheart
Date: 2007-03-09 09:58
Subject: Eh
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Music:"Shankill Butchers" - The Decemberists
So, after my initial "Wheee, I have a LiveJournal now!" glee, I've gotten sort of bored with this thing. Don't expect much interesting stuff until I experience a revival of interest. I'll still use this thing for posting visual and verbal scraps and reading/commenting on communities and other people's journals.

Also, I'm going to start friends-locking pretty much all past and future posts. Just indulging my own sense of paranoia and avoidance of self-censorship. So if you'd like to actually read this mess and aren't my official LiveJournal friend as of yet, you can just leave me a comment stating why you'd like to be added. I'm not that picky. An acceptable reason for desiring my el-jay companionship be something like "I saw you on FA/some MU*/so-and-so's journal and want to read what you write."

Aaaand time for spring break and general debauchery. Bye for now.
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