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Well, Hello There. Again. - Kafkanaut!
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Date: 2007-06-08 20:08
Subject: Well, Hello There. Again.
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Er. I kind of forgot I had this journal. LiveJournal obviously didn't manage to hold my interest for long. Even though I'm now on summer break, I probably won't pay much attention to this thing.

Super quick update. I successfully completed my freshman year of college. I'm going to be living off-campus next year in a swinging bachelorette pad with a dear friend of mine. I might purchase a moped. I recently found summer employment as a line-cook-in-training.

You can keep up with my life via FA, AIM (crocutaliterata), or old fashioned e-mail (literaryscavenger at gmail dot com). I will warn you, however, that I haven't been in the mood for AIM lately so I'm rarely on. I'm also slow at responding to e-mails, though I will write you looong e-mails full of wonderful things. FA is probably the easiest way to contact me quickly.
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